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What's a Rebuildable/Salvage Title?:

States issue salvage titles when an insurance company takes possession of a vehicle as a result of a claim.  This vehicle is usually repairable, and then subject to an inspection at a State Highway Patrol Post. 

What's a FLOOD/WATER DAMAGE vehicle?:

Vehicle that has been partially or fully submerged under water.

What's a Rolled Over Damage?:

Vehicle that has partially or fully turned over on its roof.

What do you do after you purchase a car to rebuild?:

1. Purchase a Inspection Certificate.

2. Take vehicle to a body shop.

3. Source parts, being sure to save receipts for major  body parts and components.

4. When vehicle is finished call the State Highway Patrol and set up an inspection.

5. The Highway Patrol will give you a paper to get your title changed to a "rebuilt" title so it is ok for highway use.

PHONE: 513-425-PART (7278)
FAX: 513-425-7281

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